Struts 2, Spring 3, and Hibernate 3 Example Application

I updated the previous example application I created to demonstrate how to use Struts 2, Spring, and Hibernate together in a web application. The example was updated in October 2010 to use the current versions of Struts 2 (2.2.1) and Spring (3.0.5). The application was also changed to have Spring create the in-memory HSQL database using the new Spring 3 jdbc:embedded-database tag.

To download the new version of the example application and to read more about how the example works, visit the previous blog article.

As always if this example or my article needs some improvement, doesn't work for you, or you have any other suggestions, just submit a comment below.

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I did not see the updated example (2010), there is only the one you did in 2009.
# Posted By Majid | 5/7/12 2:26 PM
The article reference above is still dated 2009, but the example application used in the article was updated in 2010.

You may also want to review these articles which are more up-to-date:

# Posted By Bruce | 5/10/12 4:26 PM
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