Kansas City 1/2 Marathon - Oct 7, 2006


1:53:33 chip time (8:40) - negative split by 1 minute. Felt good the entire race.

Course information and results: http://www.waddellandreedkcmarathon.org/


This is the second year I've run the hilly Kansas City half-marathon. The race started at 7:30 am near the corner of Pershing and Grand just north of Crown Center. The course goes north for about 1/2 mile and then loops around to the south and goes around Union Station and the WW1 memorial. Miles 2 - 4 are pretty much up hill until we reach the Westport district.

After passing through Westport we run through the Plaza. and then south again to UMKC's campus. Then we ran over to Troost ave, turned north and headed back towards downtown. South of downtown we turn west and run back to the finish line in the Freight House district.

The first half of the course is quite hilly, but the second half only has a few hills. I wanted to run this course at 8:45 per mile, so the 8:40 per mile was perfect. I felt good on all the hills and my fastest mile was mile 12, so I was strong at the end. Overall, this race is a good start to my fall training.


1-8:52 (conservative start, my goal was 8:55 so this was perfect)
3-8:39 (up hill)
5-8:40 (4 miles of excellent pacing especially given the hills)
6-8:24 (down hill)
9:8:34 (3 more miles of excellent pacing)
10-8:28 (trying to pick the pace up a little starting with this mile)
12-8:01 (down hill)

My garmin measured the course 2/10ths long which is why my split times don't add up to my chip time.

After the race I felt great and legs are fine.

The course was much better this year (the second half of the half-marathon was changed from last year). Volunteers were great and there seemed to be more runners and people in crowd then last year. Last year was the first KC Marathon in a few years so the race organizers have improved significantly. I'll run this race again next year.

i ran the exact race I wanted to and this race will launch my fall training. I'll slowly increase my mileage and run 1-2 more half marathons this fall.. After my last half-marathon in November I will then start to significantly increasing my mileage for a Spring marathon.