Fall Running Rocks!

I suck at running in hot humid weather. Which if you live in Kansas, is the weather from May to September. I've run with a heart rate monitor on muggy days. I can go 10-12 miles and then my heart rate starts to stay up above 155 when it was down in 130s. From that point on its a struggle to maintain pace and my run turns into crap.

So I love to run in the cool fall weather. I just feel better on my long runs, short tempo runs, fun runs, and any other run.

Today I ran on the trails by where I work and it was beautiful. The trees have started to display their fall colors, leaves are falling, I'm crunching leaves when I run, the air is brisk, and sun was shining. I kept thinking what a beautiful day and what a wonderful gift to be able to run.

I did an easy 5.5 miles and everything felt great. I'm fully recovered from the half-marathon I raced on Saturday. This week's mileage should be in the low 30s, with my longest run somewhere 8-9 miles.

Each day I'm looking forward to getting outside and running on the trails. I'm sooooo glad summer if over!

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You're such a liar.... trails around work don't add up to the distance between two small towns.
# Posted By y | 10/12/07 12:32 PM
y - who are you??

The trail that is across the street from my office loops around Overland Park, KS for a distance of over 20 miles.
# Posted By Bruce | 10/12/07 12:39 PM
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