Thanks To Adobe - I've Wasted Some Money

Now that I've your attention...

I own and have studied almost all the Flex 2 and ActionScript 3 books published. However, when I encounter a problem in my Flex application development I first search through the online documentation provided by Adobe. Almost always I find the answer to my problem in the documentation.

I've found the Flex and ActionScript documentation provided by Adobe to be well-written, with example code I can follow and learn from. It's nice to have an online version and a PDF I can download for those (rare) times I'm not connected to the net.

Here's a big "Thank You!" to all the people who wrote the Flex and ActionScript documentation and created the examples. I also appreciate the ability to link directly to a specific part of the documentation and to post (and read other's) comments about specific topics.

So sometimes, after I've found the answer to my problem in the Adobe documentation, I ask myself..."Did I really need to pay $35 for that new Flex book?"

Can't agree with you more. Once upon a time Flash documentation had more holes than a block of swiss cheese. But now between the Flex documentation and the Style Explorer I rarely look any further for help.
# Posted By Bill Lane | 10/11/07 3:12 PM
I also check blogs and mailing list archives before I pop open one of the books.

It is definitely does not bode well for the tech book publishing industry (which has faltered over the years).
# Posted By JEffry Houser | 10/12/07 12:37 PM
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