Troubleshooting A Problem In Flex With Relating An ActionScript Class To A ColdFusion CFC

I recently discovered the solution to a problem I was having relating an ActionScript class to a ColdFusion CFC. To troubleshoot the problem, I created a very simple test application. In the test application, I have a Person CFC and a PersonServices CFC. The PersonServices CFC has methods that return a single Person object and an array of Person objects. On the Flex side, I have a Person ActionScript class that matches up with the Person CFC.

Initially, during my testing, the object returned by the CFC function was not being automatically cast to the correct ActionScript class type in Flex even though I had created the matching ActionScript class. Rather the type returned by the CFC was only recognized as a generic Object in my Flex application (instead of the Person ActionScript type it should have been).

After some troubleshooting, I learned that you must reference the ActionScript class (declare a variable of that ActionScript type) in your MXML to ensure the Flex compiler includes the ActionScript class in the SWF. If you don't include a specific reference to the ActionScript class then apparently that ActionScript class will not be part of the compiled SWF. If the ActionScript class is not part of the compiled SWF, then when you call your CFC function and get a specific type back, the SWF cannot automatically cast that return value to the correct type.

To force my to be part of the compiled SWF I included this line in my test Flex application:

/*ensure our class is
compiled into the SWF
otherwise the array of Person objects
returned by the
CFC will be treated as generic objects

private var aPerson:Person ;

Note, I don't use the aPerson object anywhere in my test. However, that one line forces the Flex compiler to include the Person ActionScript class in the SWF. So when I get a Person object back from calling my CFC function, my Flex application can cast it to the ActionScript Person class.

You can view an example application that demonstrates this test (right click on the left panel to view all the source code). The panel on the left of the example includes the above code. The panel on the right of the example does not. That is the only difference between the code for the two SWFs. If you click on the button in the left panel, you'll see the results returned are properly cast to the Person ActionScript type. If you click on the button in the right panel, you'll see the results returned are recognized only as a Generic object.

My mistaken assumption was that if the ActionScript class I created was in the same folder as my MXML application, then the Flex compiler would automatically include it in the SWF. I thought I best post a blog entry about this issue in case anyone else runs into this problem when troubleshooting a Flex to CFC problem and to remind myself about the correct way to test a Flex to CFC application.

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Pat Smitherman has posted a check list of thing to know about actionscript/cfc mapping (using flex).

However, my problem is a little different, I have been mapping strongly typed objects successfully for sometime, however, after much excitment for this success I thought I would start etending my remoteobjects to include base classes (extends)...but much to my suprise and dismay extended actionscript/cfc do not include the base class properties...thinking I must have done something wrong, I checked and rechecked...but alass no luck. RemoteObject classes only appear to include the inherited class, leaving the base actionscript/cfc properties from the result.

Also, interestingly this only appears to be a issue with remoteObjects, becuase when testing with soap objects they are fine. Soap returned both the base and inherited class properties without a issue.

I to have created the simply application to test this with no luck. Any ideas much appreciated.
# Posted By Jasen | 6/14/07 5:35 AM
Jasen: I've not experimented with mapping Flex to a CFC that uses inheritance. I don't have any suggestions. If your actionscript class uses the same kind of inheritance as the CFC then I would think it would work.

When I get some time I'll experiment with this.

Try posting your question on the Yahoo flexcoders group.
# Posted By Bruce | 6/14/07 12:14 PM
Thanks for the advice, true flexcoders is the place to go.

Found this:

Will post if I do find some solution.
# Posted By Jasen | 6/15/07 5:31 AM
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