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You can view and replay my run at Garmin Connect (<a href='' target='_blank'></a>)</p> [More] Running Sun, 05 Apr 2009 20:56:00 -0700 /blog/index.cfm/2009/4/5/Olathe-HalfMarathon-Race-Report Sometimes It's Just Perfect and You Fall In Love With Running Again /blog/index.cfm/2007/11/3/Sometimes-Its-Just-Perfect-and-You-Fall-In-Love-With-Running-Again <h1>Mahaffie Half Marathon Race Report</h1> <p>Sometimes everything&mdash;training, preparation, weather, race course, and mental state&mdash;all come together in almost perfect harmony to create a special race experience.&nbsp; On November 3, 2007 I ran the Mahaffie half marathon and enjoyed one of my best races.&nbsp; </p> <p>The Mahaffie half marathon is a small race in Olathe, Kansas (near Kansas City).&nbsp; The course is challenging, mostly rolling small hills, but with a couple of larger ones thrown in.&nbsp; The half-marathon does two loops of the course.&nbsp; To find out more about this race visit the website at:&nbsp; <a href=""></a>. </p> <h2>Summary:</h2> <p>My goal was to run a personal best of under 1:50:00 (average pace 8:23). &nbsp;I destroyed that goal by running 1:48:52 (average 8:18 per mile).&nbsp; It was almost a perfect race on a tough course and I&rsquo;m very happy with achieving a new personal record.&nbsp; </p> <p>One of the many great things about running is that you don&rsquo;t have to win the race to be a winner.&nbsp; Today I won by achieving a new personal record even though for many runners my record is their slow training pace.</p> [More] Running Sat, 03 Nov 2007 17:19:00 -0700 /blog/index.cfm/2007/11/3/Sometimes-Its-Just-Perfect-and-You-Fall-In-Love-With-Running-Again First 20 Mile Run For This Marathon Training Cycle /blog/index.cfm/2007/2/25/First-20-Mile-Run-For-This-Marathon-Training-Cycle <p>Completed the first 20 mile run for this marathon training cycle. The weather conditions were tough: overcast, 32 degrees, winds at 25 MPH, and a wind chill of 21 degrees. We ran a 7 mile loop course, but cut a mile off the third loop.</p> [More] Running Sun, 25 Feb 2007 13:45:00 -0700 /blog/index.cfm/2007/2/25/First-20-Mile-Run-For-This-Marathon-Training-Cycle First 18-mile Run For This Training Cycle /blog/index.cfm/2007/1/14/First-18mile-Run-For-This-Training-Cycle <p>Today I completed my first 18-mile run for this marathon training cycle. It's been almost a year since my last 18-mile run during my training for the St. Louis marathon.</p> <p>I did the 18 miles in very tough conditions: 10 degrees wind chill and slushy/icy pavement. But I got the run in at an average pace of 9:51 per mile.</p> <p>Given the conditions, I'm happy with the time. Two of my fastest miles were the last two miles. I was tired afterwards, but I feel I've recovered well.</p> [More] Running Sun, 14 Jan 2007 22:52:00 -0700 /blog/index.cfm/2007/1/14/First-18mile-Run-For-This-Training-Cycle Gobbler Grind 1/2 Marathon Race Report /blog/index.cfm/2006/11/20/Gobbler-Grind-12-Marathon-Race-Report <p>Summary:</p> <p>1:52:04 chip time (8:33) - positvie splitt by over 1 minute. Felt very tired last 2 miles. </p> <p>Course information and results: <a href=""></a></p> <p>Details:</p> <p>Gobbler Grind was the first 1/2 marathon I completed in 2004. This year the course was changed from Leawood-east Overland Park to start in Corporate Woods and then go south. This year's course had 4-5 hills that made it much tougher.</p> [More] Running Mon, 20 Nov 2006 08:42:00 -0700 /blog/index.cfm/2006/11/20/Gobbler-Grind-12-Marathon-Race-Report How You Feel Before Starting A Run <> How You Feel Running /blog/index.cfm/2006/10/27/How-You-Feel-Before-Startiing-A-Run--How-You-Feel-Running <p>You ever have a day where you just don't want to run? Today is was gray, dreary, misting, windy and I felt tired. I kept putting off my scheduled 8 mile run. Finally, I decided just go out, start running, and get it done. Well shortly after starting out, I found myself feeling better than expected. My legs felt good so I decided to do the 8 miles close to my half-marathon pace. I ended up having one of my better runs, achieving my distance and time goals.</p> [More] Running Fri, 27 Oct 2006 20:39:00 -0700 /blog/index.cfm/2006/10/27/How-You-Feel-Before-Startiing-A-Run--How-You-Feel-Running Running and Golf Courses /blog/index.cfm/2006/10/12/Running-and-Golf-Courses <p>Went on a great run today. Beautiful crisp air, sun shining, trees looking great.</p> <p>I took a detour from one of my normal routes just to see something different. I ended up in this neighborhood that wraps itself around a huge golf course. </p> [More] Running Thu, 12 Oct 2006 20:12:00 -0700 /blog/index.cfm/2006/10/12/Running-and-Golf-Courses Fall Running Rocks! /blog/index.cfm/2006/10/9/Fall-Running-Rocks <p>I suck at running in hot humid weather. Which if you live in Kansas, is the weather from May to September. I've run with a heart rate monitor on muggy days. I can go 10-12 miles and then my heart rate starts to stay up above 155 when it was down in 130s. From that point on its a struggle to maintain pace and my run turns into crap.</p> <p>So I love to run in the cool fall weather. I just feel better on my long runs, short tempo runs, fun runs, and any other run. </p> [More] Running Mon, 09 Oct 2006 20:29:00 -0700 /blog/index.cfm/2006/10/9/Fall-Running-Rocks